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Downsizing & Relocation

Downsizing Services

Homeowners looking to downsize are becoming an increasing segment of the real estate market. The change in demographics to a more mature population will cause this trend to grow. Dezigner Digz™ will assist you in making some of the many choices you will be faced with through this lifestyle transition.

Ways in which we can help ahead of your move:
  • Identify existing furnishings and accessories that will work in your new, smaller space;
  • Provide advice on what to 'let go of' as far as furnishings and accessories;
  • Offer suggestions on how to purge your unneeded 'stuff';
  • Assist in choosing new furnishings that will work better in your smaller space;

Relocation Services

Not sure where you'll place your furniture in your new home or how to make the most sense out of each space based on your lifestyle? We can help you decide on the best furniture layout to meet your needs. We will also assist you in accessorizing your new home. You staged your old home to sell it, so why not style your new home for yourself. Make it a place that you'll love living in!